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I'm so sorry

But this page is friends only and written in Vietnamese.

For one who has interest in Arashi: just click the tag Arashi for fans You may get some photos of Arashi related stuffs we got in 2009. (actually they are just big posters of Arashi ^_^)

I'm sorry but please don't add me if you're not my friends.

Thanks for reading and 宜しくお願い致します。

A&A/山下智也 (Yamashita Tomoya).

Oh my Shige


Koyama adds his story about Shige’s good point which actually embarrasses him a lot.
K: Once I was feeling really down and didn’t know what to do and I don’t know why Shige called me.
Host: Like a middle-aged spouse?
K: He said: “Are you feeling down? Let’s meet. I’ll hear you out.” So was telling him about it and I got teary-eyed but when I looked at Shige he was (crying) into the towel. (laugh) Somehow he began crying even before me and he cried a lot. I was really grateful he called me.
Etrans by graphicabyss@tumblr.

シゲさん、優しすぎます!!惚れちゃいますよ (*≧∀≦*) 
シゲさんと結婚したくなるわ (≧∇≦)キャー♪


My fanfic

I was reading a Sakuraiba fanfic named オレはノーマルだったのに, in short, のま恋 and after reading 40 chapters, I wanna try writing something about Sakuraiba in Japanese. And here is the demo ^_^

Title: 好きだよ雅紀

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Sakuraiba fanfic

I'm not sure if this is called fanfic or not but I'm too lazy to google it so I'll call this a short fanfic about Sakuraiba :D
English ver:


image (1)

Japanese version:


Hope you like it ^_^



もう一度君に、プロポーズっていうドラマを観て、感動して、可南子さんのように日記を書きたくなったの。そしていいことがたくさんあった今日に書き始めました。もちろん日本語で書く!(^ν^)漢字は超むずいんだけど、辞書を見ながら書く。残念なところは私の字が汚いわ(ノ_<) 自分で見ても、目が痛くなるほど汚いのよ(._.)
もっと頑張らなきゃなぁ( ;´Д`)

Chúc mừng sinh nhật anh. Chúc anh tuổi 33 vui vẻ :3 Ủa hay 34 vậy ạ? =)) Tuổi nào cũng vậy, chỉ cần sức khoẻ của anh luôn ổn định là em hạnh phúc rồi ^O^ Có sức khoẻ là có tất cả ^_^
Hôm nay em nổi máu lười, chả làm cái gì cả. Chơi nốt hôm nay rồi mai em làm bù ạ :v

Arafes 2013

Đã xem và đã về :)
Ghi ngắn gọn vậy thôi để nhớ ngày ^_^

Today I met Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) in person!!!!!!! Still can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!
He was a bit thin, tall and sooooo cool, so kind. My friend and I even got a chance to talk to him. We talked to hiiiiiim!!!!!!
OMFG this is not a dream!! This is NOT a dream. I'm so happy that I can't go to sleep now lol
He came to Hanoi, Vietnam with his sempai Higashiyama from Shounentai to promote for the special drama "The Partner".
Nakamaru, welcome back to Hanoi. ちなみに、ハノイはベトナムの首都ですよ、中丸さん♪

Tonight, I was able to go to NEWS concert in Nagoya. The 10th anniversary だよ(≧∇≦)いいね♥
Everything was so perfect. My ichiban, Kei-chan and my beloved Massu were so interesting. Shige-san was very nice and Tegoshi's voice was so cool. They all sang well ♥ The encore part was so fun that I laughed a lot even when I was tired after a long trip in Tokyo.
NEWS fans in Japan are so cute. They all dressed up and looked like princesses tonight ^_^
I'm glad I came here.

Let's vote xD

I voted for my favourite songs in Arafes this year :)
Here is my choice:

I also wanna choose Ichioku no hoshi but I forgot about it :(
Hope they will sing The Bubble and Wasurerarenai :")

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